Welcome to J-Node OpenNeuro repository!

The INCF Japan Node platform OpenNeuro repository provides a reliable opportunity for researchers in the field of experimental and computational neuroscience to share supplemental materials to their peer-reviewed publications in academic journals and conference proceedings that are available in the public domain. It aims at playing a core role for promoting and accelerating neuroscience. Toward this end, we encourage databasing of
-  complete sets of experimental image and/or time-series data,
-  audiovisual materials,
-  computational models,
which have been described and/or analyzed in the publications, in particular if they are too large in size and/or too complicated to make them public as usual supplemental-material-mechanisms provided by academic journals, or if the authors wish to retain unique services of INCF Japan Node and  J-Node OpenNeuro repository such as real-time cloud computing services for the data registered in J-Node OpenNeuro repository. Each of those materials may be provided by standardized human/machine readable formats, such as model description languages, commonly utilized program source codes and/or executable/machine-readable binary codes. J-Node OpenNeuro repository will welcome those materials prior to publication to guarantee data accessibility, which will be accessible only for limited number of peer-reviewers during review process and then opened in the public domain immediately after publication.